Growing Organic Coffee in Chiapas Mexico – Problems on the Horizon

Verdant green mountainsThe villagers of Chiapas Mexico were known for their capability to grow coffee organically utilizing traditional methods passed down from their forefathers. The abundant soil and lavish green hills made the village the ideal place to grow coffee.

For several years now, the villagers of Chiapas have been having to deal with problems growing organic coffee. The main problem they have faced is lack of access to the resources needed such as organic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as much needed capital. These materials are too pricey for many of the villagers to manage.

The 2nd problem was the ever-changing environment. The weather had actually ended up being progressively unforeseeable, making it hard for the villagers to keep their organic coffee crops. There is much debate about what is causing such unpredictable weather, but many seem to believe it is related to sunspot activity. We are currently in a low sunspot solar cycle.

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The third problem was the competition from big coffee companies. These companies had access to more resources and were able to produce coffee at a much lower expense than the villagers. This made it tough for the villagers to remain and complete in service.

The villagers of Chiapas, Mexico deal with numerous difficulties when it comes to growing coffee. In spite of these problems, the villagers are determined to continue using standard, organic techniques. In order to make their coffee more competitive, the villagers have begun to invest in better devices and to search for brand-new markets.

The villagers of Chiapas in Mexico have had to overcome many difficulties to be able to grow organic coffee effectively. In the end, their efforts are paying off as they are able to produce high quality organic coffees and sell them to a global market. If you would like to check out some exceptional organic Mexico Chiapas Coffee