White Coffee – What is High Caffeine American White Coffee?

1. Introduction to American White Coffee

White Coffee Grounds

White Coffee Grounds

Have you ever wondered what white coffee is and how it’s made? American white coffee is a delicious and unique type of coffee that has quickly evolved into a favorite amongst coffee enthusiasts. This kind of coffee is made utilizing a special super light roasting technique. This special light roast preserves all the caffeine contained in the coffee beans. It also preserves most of the chlorogenic acids, which are excellent antioxidants.

American white coffee has its roots in the United States – in particular of the Pacific Northwest. It initially ended up being popular a few decades ago, and was at first presented as a lighter, smoother alternative to the traditional black coffee. In time, the coffee has become a favorite among coffee drinkers as it has a special nutty taste that lots of folks have learned to love. It should be noted that American White Coffee is much different than the European version. In Europe some people call black coffee with large amounts of cream or milk added – “white coffee”.

What Makes White Coffee White?

White Coffee is actually more of a pale yellow in color. This is due to the special light roast process. Regular “black” coffee is roasted to at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas white coffee is roasted to less than 350 degrees. We won’t reveal our special process for achieving this perfect roast level. What we can say, is this process results in a pale yellow coffee bean that is extremely dense. We utilize special grinders to reduce the beans to a fine powder that resembles white sawdust.

There is no hard set rule of what type or origin of coffee beans can be used to make White Coffee. Some coffee roasters will utilize the less expensive variety of coffee called Robusta. Robusta is a cheap, low growing coffee species that is very bitter and high in caffeine. At Nectar of Life we NEVER roast Robusta coffees due to their bitter nature and the possibility of contaminating our roaster with bitter oils. The other species of coffee that grows at higher elevations is known as Arabica. Arabica coffees are the “gourmet coffees” of the coffee world. Please note, that just because a coffee is Arabica it does not automatically make it “gourmet.” At Nectar of Life we DO use gourmet quality Arabica coffee beans to make our White Coffee.

At Nectar of Life coffee we use extremely dense, high grown, gourmet Arabica beans to make our White Coffee. Utilizing these high-quality beans results in a very smooth and great tasting White Coffee, but there is one downside. The beans are so incredibly dense that we need to use a special grinder or mill to pulverize the white coffee beans into a fine powder. This process is very time intensive and quickly breaks down the grinder burrs. This large cost in time and equipment means we have to charge a premium for our White Coffee, but the quality is well worth the time and effort.

American white coffee is becoming significantly popular amongst coffee fans, and for excellent reason. Not only does it have an unique taste, however it can likewise be enjoyed by those who are trying to find a lighter and smoother option to the timeless black coffee. If you’re looking to attempt something new and amazing, American white coffee is absolutely worth a try. It should be noted that White Coffee tastes EXREMELY DIFFERENT than traditional black coffee. Its flavors can vary depending on the type of beans used. The most common description of White Coffee flavor and aroma is “nutty” or “peanut butter.” It is extremely smooth with no noticeable bitterness. It does contain all of the bean’s original acids, but I wouldn’t describe it as acidic.

How to Prepare White Coffee?

When White Coffee got is start in the Pacific Northwest it was exclusively prepared as espresso and mixed with sweet flavorings to make high caffeine coffee drinks that didn’t taste like coffee. Today, people prepare White Coffee in many different ways including: espresso, drip, French Press, Pour Over and even steeped. When preparing as espresso, you should loosely fill your portafilter – and lightly tamp. White coffee expands substantially when exposed to water, so you have to be sure not to overfill the portafilter. After the portafilter is filled and locked in the group head run water through it for approximately 5 seconds. Wait an additional 30 seconds, then pull your shot. The reason for this process is to allow the white coffee to swell within the brew basket. The resulting shot will take much less time than traditional roast coffee. The resulting brew is dark green and will taste like a strong matcha tea. It mixes well with traditional coffee flavored syrups. These drinks are great for people who don’t like the taste of regular coffee, but want the high caffein kick!

How to Prepare White Coffee at Home

If you don’t own an espresso machine don’t worry! There are several methods to brew this high caffeine concoction at home.

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a. Drip Coffee – If you have a slow brew drip coffee maker then you can prepare White Coffee with this method. As we mentioned previously, white coffee swells substantially when exposed to water. If you have a fast brew coffee maker the grounds will expand and overflow onto your counter. The best brewer for white coffee is one that has a “Bloom” function. A Bloom function will saturate the grounds then pause prior to finishing the brewing process. This allows the coffee to swell without overflowing.

b. French Press – This method will work, but beware that the swollen white coffee will be very difficult to press off.

c. Steep – This is a very good method of preparing white coffee. You can use a very large coffee filter to create a tied off ball containing the ground white coffee. Bring a pot of water to just under a boil, then repeatedly dunk the “ball” in the hot water for 5 – 10 minutes. This will result in a very strong brew with tons of caffeine.

White Coffee FAQs

We’ve complied some of the more common frequently asked questions about White Coffee to help people find out if white coffee is right for them.

What is White Coffee?

White Coffee can refer to various different coffee drinks and coffee preparations depending on where you are located. American White Coffee is a specialty light roasted coffee that preserves all the caffeine and chlorogenic acids contained within the coffee beans. The resulting brew tastes nothing like traditional black coffee. It has a high acid content, but is not bitter.

Is White Coffee Better than Black Coffee?

The answer to this question is up to the coffee drinker to decide. If you would like a smooth coffee that is high in caffeine, then white coffee is better than black. If you prefer a smokey dark roasted coffee then you might think black coffee is superior.

Is White Coffee Healthier than Regular Coffee?

White coffee is a special light roast that preserves all the chlorogenic acids in the coffee beans. These acids are powerful antioxidants that can help scavenge free radicals. Free radicals can cause cellular damage. In addition to the antioxidants White Coffee doesn’t have burnt or caramelized sugars so it is much less bitter. It also contains more caffeine than regular coffee which may aid in weight loss and sugar metabolism.

Is White Coffee Right for Me?

We hope the information we have provided can help you make that decision. Our recommendation is to purchase a sample and try it for yourself. A couple items to keep in mind are: 1) White coffee contains A LOT of caffeine, so if you can’t handle caffeine white coffee may not be for you, and B) White Coffee tastes VERY different from regular coffee. We say, “Give it a Go!”

Conclusion on White Coffee

At Nectar of Life Coffee we do like white coffee, but we use it different than other coffees. We use it to make drinks and for the extra caffeine kick. It truly is a remarkable product, and we would recommend every coffee lover try it at least once. If you would like to try The BEST White Coffee then check out what Nectar of Life has to offer. If you don’t like our organic White Coffee you can return it for a full refund. To try it now go to https://www.nectar-of-life.com/white-coffee-high-caffeine